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High Temperature Cofired Ceramics HTCC

High Temperature Cofired Ceramics    A high temperature cofired ceramic package (HTCC) is a multilayered, sealed and highly reliable package created using layers of ceramic tape with thicknesses ranging from 5 to 25 millimeters, which are laminated together. The cofired ceramic packages’ tape layers, consisting of 92 percent aluminum oxide ceramic, tungsten and molymanganese, have metallized circuit patterns. Conductive vias pierce the tape layers, forming electrical interconnects between circuits. The ceramic packages’ tape layers are laminated under pressure and the ceramic and metallization are co-sintered at 1600 degrees Celsius, creating a monolithic structure with a three dimensional wiring system.

Some advantages of using high temperature cofired ceramic packages include:

  • Hermeticity
  • Harsh environment capability
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Faster switching speeds due to shorter signal paths
  • Greater device density due to more circuit layers
  • Resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
  • Improved conductor adherence to the ceramic and mechanical strength
  • Surface flatness
  • Cost competitive
  • Design flexibility
  • Mechanical strength, rigidity and non-flex

High temperature cofired ceramic package design and manufacturing requires a significant depth of knowledge in application and ceramic package design, as well as process control. General Ceramics, an HCC business unit, has approximately 35 years of experience in manufacturing cofired multilayer ceramic packages and modules. Our ceramic packages are custom designed to meet the requirements of high density interconnect systems. General Ceramics’ innovative ceramic design and process enables production of a highly reliable product that satisfies the strict requirements of the electronic industry.
HTCC Both Photo
We are confident in our ability to provide your project with the most advanced technical improvements that will help you achieve your circuit requirements by providing high temperature cofired ceramics as solutions to your electronic and design barriers.

HCC is one of the largest and most technologically advanced provider with the broadest range of products and design services. Visit our Industries Served page to find out how several industries use our ceramic packages and other high temperature cofired ceramic products.

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